Wednesday, October 15, 2014


There are many ways to improve the Internet speed, it is the one of the trick boost Internet speed. In windows 20%of Internet brandwidth is reserved which is used for  windows updates and internal system.this reserved for windows won use. you should disable this and get full Internet bandwidth. cut the windows part of bandwidth you can boost Internet speed. there are no need to intall extra to do this.

Follow the below instructions for increase Internet speed up to 20%:

1 STEP:   Click on start button and type "Run" in search box. and then click on Run option 

2 STEP :  NOW type "GPEDIT.MSC" in run box.

3 STEP :  Now  you can see Computer configuration , click on "Administrative templates"folder.

4 STEP : Now click on "Network" folder

5 STEP : Now Double click on "Qos pocket scheduler" folder

6 STEP :   Now Double click on" limit receivable bandwidth"

7 STEP :   Now Click on  Enable mark.

8 STEP :   Than  Bandwidth limit  default is 20%,  Edit this Bandwidth limit "0"

9 STEP : Now click on OK button and than close documents, Now check your Internet connection , you feel a difference  that Internet speed increase up to 20%.