Saturday, October 25, 2014


You have to two Options here deactivate your account or delete is permanently.Deactivating is essentially the same as deleting , except that all your data is retained but not visible until you reactivate.

 For Deactivate your facebook account Click  here
If you find yourself severe this time about deleting your facebook account, escaping the social network massive is usually a lot extra difficult than  you could  assume.there are essential steps it's important to take prior to urgent that delete account button.

This option deleted your Facebook account permanently,You'll not be able to regain accesses to your account once more,ever,Most personally identifiable data is removed from the Facebook database, however some may just remain such as you name in case you sent a massage to somebody else.

if you are decided to delete your facebook account permanently. follow the below steps
 First you need to login existing facebook account.

Face book makes it very difficult to delete your account .You won.t find the option to delete your account permanently simply by looking though the setting to find that page, you can either to go to Facebook's help centre or you can follow these steps.

Click below link for delete facebook account permanently.

Here is the direct link to the Official Facebook account deletion  Page.  

Now you'll see Box massage,read the massage click on "Delete My Account"

 You'll see a pop-up, where you'll have to enter your password and characters shown in an image ( Captcha). Click on "OK"


Than click "OK" again in second pop-up

Once you complete the account deletion process, you account is immediately deactivated. this means that your time line immediately disappears from the site and other users are no loner able to search for you. However, your account is n't permanently deleted for 14 days.During this time of you log in to  your account, you'll have the option to restore it. after the 14 days have passed, your account is permanently deleted.