Friday, October 17, 2014


Reader's you know how to take screenshot in windows it is very simple method, take our favourite Picture, Actress photos, Wallpapers take screenshot with out download. To day am explain how to take screenshoot.

  First  need to find  " print screen " key on your keyboard.

 1 Step : Press the "Print Screen" key on your key board
this will be capture an image, on your entire screen and copy in to the clipboard.the dimension image of the image will be same as desk top resolutions .

2 step : Once you have to made the screenshot ,you will need to paste it . the most common way  to paste it is in to paint file.

Open paint from the Click on Start Button and than 

 All programs and Accessories Section Now  Click on 'paint'
With New blank  canvas open, Press  Control+V  to paste the image in to canvas. Now your Screenshot is Ready.

Click t file than save to the set the name and file type of image  JPG and PNG. the recommended format of screenshot is PNG, due to the high quality and small size . you can also paste the image in to other programs Ms word, and you this method body in to the email, simple open in to the program that you want that paste the image, just use Control+V.

Select Paint

Press Control+V