Friday, November 28, 2014

How to Check Land Encumbrance Certificate (EC) details Online in Andhra Pradesh

The Encumbrance Certificate is used in property transactions as an evidence of free title/Ownership. At the time of selling your property or buying a new property you need to check the track of the property and verify the genuineness of your seller. Government registry enters all these details in the registrar of books. this is called encumbrance Certificate. Encumbrance certificate issued by the Registration & Stamps Department.

Andhra pradesh " Registration & Stamps Department" give  opportunity to get online Encumbrance certificate though website.Now  you can get an encumbrance certificate online now. in order to get EC you have need to perform the below steps.

1. Go to the  Website.


2. Click on "Encumbrance Search (EC) " Link placed on right side of website.


3. Now redirect New Encumbrance Statement Web page, Click on the "Submit" button in the bottom of web page.

4. You'll see  "Search for encumbrance"


5. Fill in the details that appear in the search screen .Once you finish entering all the details click on submit. it will than go to new page with the list of items that matched the search displayed.

6. Click on the Check box of the list of encumbrance certificates that are needed and click on Submit. This will open a new pop up window with the encumbrance certificate. you can then print this certificate.


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