Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to Register in Prime minister Website

Our Prime minister Narendra modi has lunched a new Website  "My gov" aims creating a one stop platform for indian citizen. The indian Citizens shall be allow to discus government related, government project and plans with government. And give their valuable ideas and suggestion, the government receive people suggestion,implement best ideas for achieve the goal of  'Good Governance' this is good opportunity participating in country's governance and development.

Every indian citizen eligible for join this portal. those who registered the member of  "My gov" allow to participation. People can upload their documents, photos, videos, and work plans on the portal. National informatics centre (NIC), Department of Electronics and information Technology (Deity) would implement and manage the website.

The Platform has been divided in to various groups - clean Ganga, green India, Girl Child Education, Skill development, Digital India and Job creation.The citizens can undertake tasks (both online and on ground) as well as share their insight through various discussions. related to particular group.Users are provided with two domains  'Do' or 'Discuss' the 'Do' selection include online and ground tasks, the 'Discuss' selection may be used for discussing different relevant issues affecting the nation.


 How to join "My gov" ?

 1.Visit Website:
2. Click on "Sign up" option (Right side of Web page)
3.You'll see Online form, enter your personal details Name, email, Phone number, and also enter your skills and the issues on which you may like provide.
4. On Successfully completed Registration,  mail will be sent to your email id, with a link to activate your registration.
5. After Activation log in and Start participating  in the various groups and discussion .