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DDOREQ - AP Cyber Treasury Employee Salary Bill preparation online

DDOREQ - AP Cyber Treasury Employee Salary Bill preparation online
Andhra pradesh  government started  new website ap for AP Employees monthly salary bill preparation online, Directorate of treasury and accounts, Andhra pradesh this department has started Official website  for implementation of electronic payments in  all district treasuries bills submission by DDO (Drawing and disbursing officer)  thought online

DDO Request - AP Cyber Treasury -2017

The DDOs (Drawing and Disbursing officer) prominently responsible for all data entry issues in payments processes in view of electronic payments.The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P. has reviewed this issue.DDo request is processing pension cases of the respective departments payments of salaries and other payments. now DDO request was added some new features CPS, leave account updation and supplementary bill preparation.DDOs can access the application through following URL


How to login into the DDO Claims Request website :

Go to the website , after entering into the website  Employee need to enter their DDO code and password and then click on "Submit" button. and than enter your DDO claims and DDO Request in this website. Employees need to get their DDO code from Drawing and Disbursing officers and enter default password is '123456" after successfully  login change your password for  your won. and than enter your DDO Request.

Provision for Employees Health Scheme (EHS) Recovery as per GO Ms No 210 is available in HRMS. Include in Paybill Preparation

                             DDO Request for ligin :

                      DDO salary bills  AP cyber Treasury

              The DA Arrears Module is Enabled.DDOs can prepare the arrear bills now.

                                              Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts 
                                                                   D.NO: 7-57 
                                                           Sri Anjaneya Towers 
                                                                   VTPS Road 
                                        IBRAHIMPATNAM VIJAYAWADA-521456. 


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