Friday, February 06, 2015

DIRECT BENEFIT TRANSFER(DBT)|How to Aadhaar link with Sbi bank account

Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) is started by Government of India. This program aims to transfer subsidies directly to the people through their bank account. It is hoped that crediting subsidies into bank accounts will reduce leakages,delay,etc. Benefit or subsidy will be directly transferred to beneficiary bank account, digitally signing purpose Aadhaar card seeding is mandatory for processing of bank payments of beneficiary bank accounts.

Beneficiary can link their Aadhaar Card With LPG Connection, How to Aaadhaar Seeding with LPG Connection ? , at the same time SBI Bank account  holders can link their Aadhaar with SBI account For benefit or subsidy will be transferred their SBI account.

How to link Aadhaar Card   with  State Bank of  India (SBI)  Account ?

Aadhaar linking though Bank :

1.  Download SBI Aadhaar Card link form here, fill the form correctly necessary information

2. Take a Xerox copy of your Aadhaar (.UID) or e- Aadhaar latter (Click here and download e-Aadhaar)

3. Visit your Nearest SBI Branch .Submit these Application along with Xerox copy of Aadhaar card

4  After verification, the linking will be done by the branch. An SMS will be sent to Customer register mobile number regarding the status of Aadhaar Seeding with SBI account.

Aadhaar linking though ATM :

1. SBI Account holder can visit any SBI ATM canter , and link their aadhaar card with SBI bank account.

2. After Swiping the ATM card and entering their ATM-PIN number, Select menu "Service-Registration " 

3 In this menu, Select Aadhaar Registration (or enquiry as for your needed)

4. Now select Account type (savings/checkings) after which you will be asked to enter your aadhaar number . you will be prompted to re-reenter the same.

Aadhaar linking though SMS :

1.If your Mobile number Registered with bank records already. than you can sand SMS to 567676 in the following format.


2.You will be receive an SMS confirmation of the Aadhaar seeding with bank account.

3. The Aadhaar number will be verified by Bank with UIDAI. after Verification Status will Sent your register mobile number, In case it fails the verification SMS will be sent to customer to contact any SBI Branch along with Aadhaar number or e-Aadhaar latter.

For more Information about Aadhaar seeding with SBI account visit official Page


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