How to get Muslim bc-e Caste Certificate in ap - Application form online

Here Provided Information about Andhra pradesh Muslim People, How to get their  BC-E Caste Certificate in Andhra Pradesh (AP). So many Muslim Brothers Confused ? How to apply BC-E Caste Certificate in Andhra Pradesh, Here Provided Procedure for apply BC-E Caste Certificate for Socially and Educationally  Backward Classes of Muslim. Apply their BC-E Caste or Community Certificate through Meeseva Centers in Andhra Pradesh. AP Meeseva Provide (BC-E Caste) Application Form online. If you want to download Application Form through Meeseva Official Website for apply BC-E Caste Certificate.


Andhra Pradesh Provide Reservations in favour of Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Muslim Ordinance 2007 was promulgated to provide for 4% Reservations of As per G.O.Ms.No.23, BC Welfare (C2) Department, Dt. 07 .07.2007.Its impact on 4% Reservations provided to certain Socially and Educationally  Backward Classes of Muslims under the Govt.of Andhra Pradesh, under BC-E Category.For more details about Reservations See G.O.Ms.No.23, BC Welfare (C2) Department, Dt. 07 .07.2007.

List of Muslim other Backward Classes Communities

Below is a list of Muslim Communities that have been accorded Other Backward Classes Status by the Andhra Pradesh state government.

1. Achchukattalavandlu, Singali, Singamvallu, Achchupanivallu,Achchukattuvaru,Achukatlavandlu.
2. Attar Saibulu, Attarollu
3 .Dhobi Muslim/Muslim Dhobi/Dhobi Musalman,Turka Chakla or Turka Sakala,Turaka chakali,Tulukka Vannan,Tsakalas,Sakalas or Chakalas, Muslim Rajakas
4. Faqir, Fhakir,Badbuki,Ghanti Fhakir,Ghanta Fhakirlu,Turaka Budbudki,Darvesh, Fakker
5. Garadi Muslim,Garadi Saibulu,Pamulavallu,Kani-Kattuvallu,Garadollu,Garadiga
6. Gosangi Muslim,Phakeer,Sayebulu
7. Guddi Eluguvallu,Elugu Bantuvallu,Musalaman Keelu Gurralavallu
8. Hajjam,Nai, Nai Muslim, Navid
9. Labbi,Labbai,Labon,Labba
10. Pakeerla, Borewale,Deera Phakiru,Bonthala
11. Qureshiqassab, Kureshi/Khureshi/Khasab, Marati Khasab,Muslim Katika,Khatik Muslim
12. Shaik ( Andhra Sheikhs,Sufi Sheikhs,Pir Sheikhs, Kirmani, Gulam Kirmani)
13. Siddi,Yaba,Habshi,Jasi
14. Turaka kasha,Kakkukotte Zinka Saibulu, Chakkitakanevale, Terugadu gontalavaru,
Thirugatigantla,rollaku Kakku Kottevaru,Pattar Phodulu,chakketakar,Thuraka Kasha.
15 Other Muslimgroups excluding:
Arabs of Hyderabad
*Mughal, Moghal ;

How to Apply BC-E Caste Certificate in Andhra Pradesh Through Meeseva Centers.

Andhra Pradesh Citizen who want to apply their Caste Certificate (BC-E) through Meeseva Centers,First you Need to download Application Form Online through Meeseva website.

Here Download PDF File of  Meeseva Application Form for Issue of Community,Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate Relating to Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Muslims.

Link :
Enclosures :

1. Application Form

2. Caste Certificate issued to the family members ( If any of your family members prior to this didn't had any caste certificate you must produce Community Certificate, Community Certificate is something which is given at Mosque, You can Contact managing community of that religious place will hand you out a letter with letter head which is signed and stamped) # Any one of  them

3. SSC Marks memo or Dob extract or Transfer Certificate ( # Any one of them )

4. 1 to 10th Study certificate or DOB Certificates issued by Municipality/Gram Panchayath (# Any one of them)

5. Ration Card/EPIC Card (Voter ID Card) / Aadhaar Card (# Any one of them)

6. Schedule I to IV

7. Affidavit with Notary on Rs 10-Bond Paper

Where to Apply Muslim BC-E Caste Certificate in Andhra Pradesh ?

After Collecting all Document and Xerox Copies, Visit your nearest Meeseva Center where they can submit their request  and get receipt of BC-E Certificate in andhra Pradesh.Keep it Receipt ,Transantion ID and Application Number for Future Refference.

Check your Nearest Meeseva Center Click Here

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  1. What is the validity of BC (e) caste certificate obtained in 2013 through mee seva. Is it valid for life time or is to be renewed.


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