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LPG gas consumer name transfer - procedure to change the name of the LPG gas connection holder

LPG gas Consumer name transfer to family member is now permitted.In case the transferee in your family is not having a LPG connection you may provide a request to your distributor. in case of  Death of SV holder, Due to marriage, change name during life time of consumer is permitted to change LPG connection holder name. here providing procedure for how to change Connection holder name in LPG gas connection. who citizen want to change their LPG connection provide a request to your distributor with the following documents.

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  • KYC of the Transferee
  • Proof of address & Proof of address
  • Original Subscription Voucher (SV) in Name (If SV is missing Please provide affidavit)
  • Declaration from the transferee

The KYC will be verified, multiple connections in the address for transfer will be checked and then the distributor will make a new subscription voucher in the Transferee's name.


LPG Consumer Change of  Name Can be done in the following cases :

Death of SV Holder :
To transfer the connection in the name of legal heir/ within the family, after death of consumer, submit the following to the distributor.

  • An application with details
  • Legal heir Certificate
  • NOC from other Legal Heir of the deceased consumer
  • Death Certificate
  • completed KYC form with Valid Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) .
  • Affidavit in Annexure F in case original SV is lost.
  • In case the next of kin is not in a position to Produce Legal heir Certificate,Submit request Affidavit on plain paper.

Due to Marriage :
 Submit following  to your distributor.

  • An application with details
  • Documents giving proof of marriage (Marriage Certificate)
  • Original SV / Affidavit for loss of SV

The deposit will remain the same as in the original SV.

Change in name during lifetime of Consumer :

  • Transfer of  LPG connection within family (ie. Father, Mother, Brother sister, Son, Daughter, Spouse ) is permitted.
  • Original SV holder has to submit his written consent, in Annexure to transfer his connection to a specific family member.
  • Additionally, the family member receiving the connection has to submit an affidavit on plain paper in Annexure indemnifying HPCL regarding this connection.
  • Submit affidavit in Annexure F in case original SV is lost.
  • Completed KYC form with valid Proof of  Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA).

The deposit will remain the same as in the original SV. Name will be changed by preparing TV and issuing a new SV for the Beneficiary family member.

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