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Govt of AP GPF, Pension, Final withdrawal Online Application form | Status of pension application

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ONLINE_APPLICATION_FOR_AP_PENSION_&_GPF_FINAL_WITHDRAWAL Account General Office, Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced Online Application Process for Apply Andhra Pradesh Govt  Retired employees, Pension,GPF ( General Provident Fund ), Final Withdraws online. AG AP Provide this facility their Owen official website, Every Govt Employee after Retirement apply their pension online through Principal Account General (A&E) Andhra Pradesh Offical Web portal. Pensioner no need to go to Sub Treasury office or Pension office. In earlier years this process will be take long time, Now it is   very easy for apply Pension, GPF, online. After process will be completed, Pension Amount will be credited in to  Beneficiaries register Bank account directly.


Process of  online Application for apply Pension, GPF,Final withdraws through Web Portal.

1.To help the retiring/ retired Government Servant/ Family Pension Beneficiaries to generate pension proposals and GPF final Withdrawal application by filling the data online.

2.As soon as the government Servant fills data through online facility,AG will review the status of GPF and Loan accounts of the Government Servant and will Communicate the wanting information,if any,to the pension sanctioning Authority.

3.Applicant can take print out of the application in desired number of sets, sign at appropriate places and can submit to the pension sanctioning (PSA)  for approval. PSA in turn would fill up his portion of the application online and would take a print out, Which he would forward along the service Books to AG After signing at appropriate places.

4. By the time the Pension application with service book and GPF application reaches to PAG, information pertains to the applicant  will be kept ready and necessary authorisation/Clarence certificates will be issued without delay.

5. Once authorised,party copies of pension and GPF would be placed on the website and the same can downloaded by the applicant.

Who Can fill AG AP online Pension Application form  ?

All Retiring Government Servants whose pension is to be authorised by the Principal Account General (A&E), AP, Hyderabad and/or whose General Provident Fund account is maintained by PAG (A&E).

How to apply AP govt Retired Employees (Pensioners) Pension online ?

Andhra Pradesh Government Retiring/Retired Employees apply their Pension, GPF, Final withdraws through Principal Account General official Web portal. Just log on to following below instruction for apply Pension online, GPF, Final withdrawal online.

Step By Step Procedure for fill AP Pension online Application form



Before Staring the process keep the following requirement to access the online form.

  • Employee Identity Number given by Director of Treasuries and Account (DTA)
  • Date of birth and Date of entry in to service as per HRMS database of DTA
In case of service Pension.

  • Date of retirement as per Service Book
  • Date of death in case death of Government Servant accurs after the date of retirement but before drawing the service Pension.
  • Name of Family pension beneficiary,his/her date of birth and relationship with Government servant.
  • Name of family members as per Service Book, their age,relationship with him/her,their marital status and employment status.
  • Whether retiring Government Servant is willing to commute pension,if so the percentage of commutation not exceeding 40%.
  • Designation and address of the Drawing Disbursing Officer/Pension Sanctioning Authority.
  • General Provident Number has been allotted PAG (A&E) or state Audit Department.
  • district and office last sarved
  • Name of the Pension disbursing Authority (DTO and STO or Pension Payment office )
  • Details of clearance certificates not received from AG against the Long Term Advances (HBA,MCA etc)
  • Office worked during the last 3 years prior to the date of retirement of retiring Government Servant - Name of the office, address, from date and to date and designation.
  • names of Nominees and Alternative Nominees of retiring Government Servant,their age,relationship,percentage of share,their address and contingency on which nomination becomes invalid.
  • GPF Account Number with Suffix allotted by AG. 
  • Passport size photograph of self in digital format (Digital Photo must be JPEG file format and Size less than 60kb)
  • Joint photograph of retiring Government Servant with FP beneficiary/Guardian with minor or handicapped child in digital format .
  • Scanned specimen signatures (3) of self (put 3 signatures of self on a paper in black ink and scan the signatures using a scanner and keep the image file ready to upload) ·
  • Scanned specimen signatures (3) of FP beneficiary (put 3 signatures of FP beneficiary on a paper in black ink and scan the signatures using a scanner and keep the image file ready to upload) ·  
  • Personal identification marks of self and FP beneficiary · 
  • Personal mobile number, land line number and e-mail address

Additional information in case of   Family Pension

  • Date of death of Government Servant
  • Name of applicant and his/her relationship with the Government Servant.

Online Application :

AP revised pension rules :

Download Other details 
AP revised pension rules ,GO315, GO353, R-46(5) , R-50(12) details

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