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Check NTR Bharosa Pension Details, Old Age Pension status in ap

Check NTR Bharosa Pension Details, Old Age Pension status in ap
Andhra Pradesh State Government, Released NTR Bharosa Pension (NBP) Details online through NBP official Website . Andhra Pradesh People Who already applied NTR Bharosa Pension, applicant Check NTR Bharosa Pension Application Status online.After Elections New Andhra Pradesh State government has announced  Old age Pension is know as " Vrudhapya Pension" has been increased to Rs. 1000/- , Physically Handicapped Pension is known as "Vikalangula Pension" has been increased 1500/- under NTR Bharosa Scheme. AP Govt NTR Bharosa Pensions List  now available District wise details online, Applicant Check Gov Pension Status online, mandatory to Enter their Pension ID OR  Aadhaar Card Number OR Ration Card OR SADAREM ID for get NTR Bhasona Pension Status online.This Facility avail all Districts of Andhra Pradesh(Anantapur,Chittoor,Gunder,Nellore,Kadapa,Krishna,Kurnool,Prakasam,Srikakulam,VisakaPatnam ,Vizianagaram,East Godavari,West Godavari ) online.

About NTR Bharosa Pension (NBP) Scheme of Andhra Pradesh.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to secure dignified life to all the poor and vulnerable, particularly the old and infirm and to support their minimum needs to bring happiness in their lives. In pursuit of this overarching goal, inspite of the challenging financial conditions, orders were issued vide G.O.Ms.No. 113 Dated: 19.06.2014 enhancing the NTR Bharosa Pension amount from Rs.200/- to Rs.1000/- per month to Old Age, Widow, Weavers,Toddy Tappers and AIDS patients and from Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- per month to People With Disabilities (PWD) having 40% to 79% degree of disability and Rs.1500/- per month for PWDs having 80% and above degree of disability, and that the above enhanced scale of pension came into effect from 2nd October,2014 onwards.
Types of Pensions Covered 
1. Old Age Pension
2. Weavers Pension
3. Widow Pension
4. Disabled Pension
5. Toddy Tappers

Eligibility  of  NTR Bharosa Pension Scheme .

Eligibility Criteria Common to all Pensions
 i. The proposed beneficiary shall be from BPL family.
ii. He/she shall be a local resident of the district.
iii. He/she are not covered under any other Pension Scheme.

Old Age Pension 
Old age persons, both male and female, who are 65 years of age or above and are destitute (with little or no means of subsistence and no family or relative to depend upon).

Weavers Pension 
Weaver is 50 years of age or above and destitute.

Widow Pension 
Widows irrespective of age limit.

Disabled Pension 
Disabled persons having a minimum of 40% disability and are above 18 years of age.

How to Search NTR Bharosa Pension Details online ?


1. First Logon to NBP Official Website
2. Than Click on "Search" Button
3. Enter Your Pension ID/ AADHAAR Card No/ Ration Card No/ SADAREM ID
4. Select your District
5. Select your Mandal
6. Select your Panchayat
7. Select your Habitation
8, Now Click on "Search" Button.


  1. Whether epf pensioner drawing less than Rs. 1000 is entitled to old age pension being granted by Government of Andhra Pradesh? Ramakrishna P;antula

  2. టంగుటూరు గ్రామానికి చెందిన ఈ కింది వారు అన్ని విధాల అర్హులైనను పెన్షన్లు పొందలేక పోతున్నారు.
    బాధితులకు చెప్పబడుతున్న కారణాలు ఇక్కడ ఇస్తున్నాను.
    1) మల్లల శ్రీనివాసులు, వికలాంగులు 80% ( కుమారుడు వికలాంగుల పెన్షన్ పొందుతున్నారు),
    2) కాలపల్లి నర్సమ్మ, 80 సం. క్రితంనుంచి లభిస్తూ వచ్చిన వృద్దాప్య పెన్షన్ ఆగి పోయింది.
    3) పుట్టా కనకయ్య, 80 సం.
    4) నేలపర్తి చిన్న మాల కొండయ్య,
    5) కోడికి రాఘవులు, 89సం.
    6) రావి పేరయ్య, 80సం.
    7)మారెడ్డి సుబ్బారెడ్డి, 80సం.
    8) కామని వెంకటేశ్వర్లు, 65సం.
    9) కొణికి వెంకట శేషయ్య, 85సం.
    ఒక్కొక్కరు 4,5 సార్లు అర్జీలు సమర్పించుకున్నారు.

  3. భార్యకు అభయ హస్తం పెన్షన్ లభిస్తున్న కారణంగా భర్తకు వృద్దాప్య పెన్షన్ మంజూరు చేయుట లేదు.
    ఇది తప్పుకాదా?

  4. జన్మ భూమి-మాఊరు గ్రామ కమిటీ ఫక్షన్స్ ఏమిటి?

  5. miru penson dabbulu banklo vestamu antunnaru ala cheste chala mandi vruddulu nadavaleni sthitilo vuntru ,banks guruinchi teliyani vaalu vuntaaru chala samaSYALU VASTAYI

  6. How to apply for this old age pension . please give us the details

  7. How to apply for this old age pension . please give us the details

  8. Very good information. Thanks for sharing


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