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Sadarem.ap.gov.in - disability certificate status online in Andhra Pradesh

Sadarem.ap.gov.in - disability certificate status online in Andhra Pradesh

About Sadarem Certificate 

Objective of the SADAREM initiative is to create a Dynamic Web enable system for comprehensive access, rehabilitation and empowerment, through automation, capacity building, assessment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and maintaining Decision Support System (DSS). Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken this initiative of Identifying & Creating the Centralized Database for Person with Disabilities by using scientific approach & disability guidelines.

Sadarem Certificate

Electronic System to Access Person with Disability’s Rehabilitation Services Portal

Government has now decided to ensure that assessment is done strictly following the professional and scientific procedure, for which the Software has been developed to also improve efficiency and accuracy.

The software has been designed to take into account all types and varieties of disabilities using the matrix mode up to the last parameter, which will have the inbuilt computing formulae to arrive at the degree of disability as per the scientific procedure. For each of the disability there is an assessment proforma which needs to be filled in by the team of professionals.

There is a provision in the software to capture the functional needs of the PWDs. These needs are medical interventions, therapeutic interventions, assistive devices etc. Information about these needs will have a use for planning programs for the empowerment of the PWDs.

After feeding the data successfully in the software the percentage of disability is calculated automatically. Provision of generation of certificate and ID card is there for the PWDs having 40% or more disability. But there is no provision of certificate or ID card for the PWDs with less than 40% of disability, however, a report with the specialist’s advice will be provided to them. Report with specialists advice will therefore also be provided to the rejected cases.

On successful registration, System generates a unique registration number which can be used by the applicant/PWD to check the status of his application on the portal at any time.

How to check Applicant/PWD Sadarem - Disability Certificate Status online ?

1. Applicant logon to http://sadarem.ap.gov.in/SADAREM/mainPage.do
2. Than you will find "Quick Search" Option, at the right side of website.
3. Now Select the document in the list ( Sadarem ID, Pension ID, Ration Card, or Adhaar Card )
4. Enter your Selected document number.
5. Than Click on "Submit" Button.
6. Finally " Sadarem Certificate Status" will be display in the screen.


  1. hi this is adinarayana , i am staying at hyderabad since 10 years and idont have sadarem certificate so i attended the camps in hyderabad kondapur hospital but they are not issuing the sadrem certificate , is there any reason, and last year i chnaged my aadhar address from andhara to telangana, and removed the eid number from AP also, is there any related to adhar card changs, Please suggest me whom should i contact for my issue...my no : 9177182228. email id: adibabus@gmail.com

    1. pls contact or visit king koti hospital for further assistance

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  4. sr in hyderabad i was tested by 8 specialistt doctors for my disability during councelling and my disability certificate was accepted after testing when i attended saderm camp in nandyal kurnool dst gov hospital i was not tested by doctor the 2 people there just signed my application form when i saw my sadarem certificate it was stated that according to gov of india rule of disabilty i am not a disability candidate i do not get any percentage for that is that a jokw before i was tested by 8 doctors if i was not a disability candidate i should b rejected there only disabiltiness will b same from my birth to death then how can i be rejected from disabilty list get me out of this sir

  5. Sir,
    How to get corrected the spelling in the name of Sadarem Card holder? Can someone guide me.

  6. Sir
    My San was 2yeaars I need sadarem certified Nimh in Hyderabad the give me my negative place chiettoor Vail padu madal I need sadarem certificate sir how can place my number 9177464878 place hallp me sir my mail I'd venkat.9361@gmail.com

  7. what does pension no "PIII" mean


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