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Life certificate format for pensioners ( annual verification certificate ) AP/TG latest AVC

Download Life certificate (Form ) format for pensioners ( annual verification certificate ) AP/TG latest AVC, Annual Verification Certificate for  2015-16.

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana State government Service pensioners OR family pensioners receiving pensions through Treasury Pension Payment office , all Service Pensioners and family pensioners  should submit Life Certificate ( Annual Verification Certificate ) during the month of November every year to Continue payment of Pension. Pensioners should fill the all necessary details in the "Annual Verification Certificate " ( Life Certificate format ) and duly affixing recent passport size photograph and signed by concerned bank official or gazetted officer, and submit their AVC ( Life Certificate ) to the concerned branch Pension Payment Offices.

AP&TG Pensioners life certificate form

Sample of Annual Verification Certificate  :

                                             ANNUAL VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE
                                      (As per Govt.Memo No.240/PSC/2013,Dtd 26-10-2013 )

1  i )Type of Pension : Service Pension/ family Pension                                      Photo
   ii ) Name of individual :
  iii )S/o, D/o, W/o, H/o,  :
  iv)AADHAAR Number :
2 Date of Birth/ Age
3  i ) P.P.O.No.    :
    ii) PPOID        :
4 Name of Bank  :
5 Name of Bank Branch :
6  i) Bank Account Number ( Mandatory ) :
     (in 9/11/14/15 digit format )
    ii) MICR Code                                         :
   iii) IFSC  Code                                          :
7 Employment particulars ( Application if Re-employed after retirement and Employed pensioners only )
 a ) Name of the Office                                        :
 b ) Date of employment /Re- employment          :
 c ) What is the DA being drawn on employment :
 d ) Date from which DA is drawn                        :
 8 Re - marriage particulars if any
 a ) Date of remarriage
 b ) Name of the spouse
9  i )Present Residential Address
       Mobile No.
    ii) E-mail address
10 Income Tax Pan number

I here by declare that
i.  I am not drawing any other pension :
ii. I am drawing other pension through PPO and PP-id :
ii. I am not drawing any DR on that pension :
iv. The particulars mentioned above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
v  If the above particulars are proved wrong at any time, I am liable for disciplinary/criminal action as per rules

Date :
Place :
            Left hand Thumb impression of                                        ( Signature of the Pensioner )
                          the Pensioner
Received the Annual Verification certificate date___________of Sri/Smt __________________
holder of PPO Bo____________________

                                                                                                Receiver Signature, Date & Stamp

Download Annual Verification Certificate online :

Download Annual Verification Certificate for Andha Pradesh state Service Pensioners / Family Pensioners through this link : 

Download Annual Verification Certificate for Telangana state Service Pensioners / Family Pensioners through this link :

Pensioners information official website  :


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