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crsorgi gov in - Birth and death registration - Search / Verify Status of Application online

crsorgi gov in - Birth and death registration - Search / Verify Status of Application online

Birth and Death registration of  Civil registration System (CRS) in India,The system by which a government records the vital events  of its citizens and residents.Civil Registration is a continuous, permanent, compulsory recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events, like births, deaths and still births.In India the registration of births and deaths is carried out under provisions of the Registration of Birth and Death (RBD) Act, 1969 and Registrar General, Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths in each States/UTs is the implementing authority and the registration of births and deaths is done by the local registrars appointed by the State Government under whose jurisdiction the event has taken place. It is the duty of the Chief Registrar to compile, publish and submit the Annual Statistical Report based on Civil Registration System to the State Government as well as Registrar General, India.At the National level, about 85.6% of births and 70.9% of deaths are reported to have been registered during 2013.


Procedure for Registration of Birth and Death registrations online

Who are responsible for reporting the event?
In respect of birth or death occurred in a house, it is the duty of the Head of the house/household or nearest relative of the head present in the house or in the absence of any such person, the oldest male person present therin during the said period is responsible to report the event to the concerned Registrar/ sub Registrar. These events can also be reported through the prescribed Notifiers such as Anaganwadi Workers, ANM’s, ASHA’s and others.

In respect of birth or death occurred in a hospital, health center, Maternity or nursing home or other such institutions, the medical officer In-charge or any person authorized by him in this behalf is responsible for reporting.

Whom to approach for registration?
The events of birth and death are registered at the place of occurrence of the event i.e. where the event took place. Under the provision of Section 7 of the RBD Act, the Registrars of Births and Deaths are appointed for each local area comprising the area within the jurisdiction of the Municipality,Panchayat or other local authority. The Sub- Registrars are also appointed under section 7(5) of the Act and assignedthem any or all powers of Registrars.

  • Rural Areas- The following Officials have been appointed as Registrar ofBirths and Deaths:
  • Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sevak, Gram Vikasadhikari in 16 States and 3 UTs.(Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh(CEO JanpadPanchyat), Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh(CEO JanpadPanchyat), Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tripura, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal (Sub Registrar) Daman & Diu, D & N Haveli and Puducherry.)
  • Urban Areas: The Municipal Health Officer, Health officer or Equivalent Officers are appointed as Registrar of births and deaths. The Medical Officer in charge or equivalent of the District Hospital, Referral Hospital and other Government Hospitals has also declared Registrar of births and deaths for registration and issuance of birth/ death certificate for those events which occurred in their premises
  • Medical Officer In-charge or equivalent in 8 States and 4 UTs– (Assam, Haryana, Meghalaya, Orissa, Punjab, Sikkim, Manipur (Partly),West Bengal(2nd Medical Officerattached to BPHC/ Rural Hospitals),A & N Island, Chandigarh UT, Delhi andLakshadweep)
  • Village Accountants / Village Administrative Officers in 2 States - Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  • SHO/Police Officials in Jammu&Kashmir .
  • Primary School Teachers and Head Teacher Primary School in Mizoram and Nagaland respectively. 
  • Circle Officer/Village Level Workers in Arunachal Pradesh.

Benefits of registration of birth and death

  • For admission to schools 
  • As proof of age for employment. 
  • For proof of age at marriage. 
  • To establish parentage. 
  • To establish age for purpose of enrollment in Electoral Rolls. 
  • To establish age for insurance purposes. 
  • For registering in National Population Register (NPR). 
  • Production of death certificate for the purpose of inheritance of property and for claiming dues from insurance companies and other companies.

What is the time period prescribed for registering the event?
The normal period of 21 days (from the date of occurrence) has been prescribed for reporting the birth, death and still birth events.

How to apply Birth Certificate & Death Certificate registration online ?

  • Visit CRS official  website
  • Than Click on "General Public Sigup" option,
  • Enter necessary Details in the registration form.
  • User Name
  • User Email Id 
  • Mobile No.
  • Date of Occurrence of Event 
  • Place of Occurence of Birth/Death
  • State/UT
  • District 
  • Sub District/Taluk 
  • Village/Town
  • Registration Unit 
  • Now Enter Captcha in the mentioned Box
  • Finally Click on "Register" Button.

Note: Only Domiciliary (Home / House) Birth/Death can be reported through this portal within 21 days of the occurence of the event and to the registration unit where portal is being used for Registration of Birth & Death.
How to Birth & Death Registered Application Status online ?

  • You can also check registered Birth & Death application Status online, After logon to CRS website in the home Page you'll see " Status of Application" option.
  • If you wants to Check Birth Registration Status,Than click on "Reported Birth" option.
  • Or if you wants to check Death Registration status, Than Click on "Reported Death" option.
  • Now Enter your  Reference No.
  • Than Click on "Search" Button.

How to Search & Verify Birth/Death Details online ?

  • Just you'll see "Search/Verify" option in the home page, 
  • If you wants to know Registrar Birth Detail Click on "Registered Birth" option  
  • If you wants to know Registrar Death Details click on "Registered Birth" option.
Contact Address : 
ORGI - Vital Statistics Division (VS) New Delhi West Block, Wing-1, R.K. Puram, 
New Delhi-110066 Fax No:- 011-26177330/26104012 E-mail ID:


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