Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Maa bhoomi Telangana land records with Survey Numbers - Khatha No - Aadhar No

Maa bhoomi Telangana land records with Survey Numbers - Khatha No - Aadhar No
The Telangana (TS) government has launched `Maa Bhoomi', a Computerized  of land records.The portal,, makes all land  related details like as Pahani / Grama Phahani, ROR1-B/ Grama ROR1-B, Aadhaar Linking with Land Record status, Village Map, online Grievances, Crop Loan Eligibility cards - Statistics, available to the people. People can check Their Land Records details with  Survey number or Khatha number, it also gives the option of entering the Aadhaar card number to view land details and View Encumbrance Certificate (EC) through Maa Bhoomi Portal.

How to view Pahani with Survey - Khatha No - Aadhar No ?


  1. People can First Visit Maa Bhoomi Website,
  2. Click on 'Pahani' option,
  3. Select your District Name,
  4. Select your Mandal Name,
  5. Select your Village Name,
  6. Now Enter Servey Number / Khatha Number / Aadhaar Number,
  7. Click on 'Submit" Button.
  8. Finally Pahani details will be displayed.

If you wants to Check Encumbrance Certificate (EC) details, Than Click on 'View Encumbrance' Button.

Maa Bhoomi Telangana app

The Telangana Government has also launched an Maa Bhoomi Android app, People can View their land Record details through Smart Mobile phone.

Click Here download Maa Bhoomi Telangana app 


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