Sunday, June 25, 2017

Digi Pay Update Error Problem Solution

Vles  have Facing the problem the time of Digi Pay updates, in the article we showing Solution for  the Digi Pay Update Error Problem Vle who get error massage in the Digi Pay Software, please follow blow instruction for salutation.


Digi Pay Update Error Problem Solving Steps & Process

STEP 1 : Click on "My computer" Icon in your Computer,
STEP 2 : Go to the "C- Drive" Folder,
STEP 3 : You can find "CSC e Government Services India Limited" Folder and Click it,

STEP 4 : Click on "DIGI PAY" Folder,

STEP 5 : You can find "UPDATE" Folder and Click it,

STEP 6 :  Now You'll See "UPDATE" Rar File Folder as showing in the Screen shot,

STEP 7 :  Select Rar File Folder >> Right Click >> Click on "Extract File" option

STEP 8 :  Move this files in the Main DigiPay Folder and Close all Folders,

STEP 9:   Now You Can open "DigiPay" it's will Working very well.

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