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jharbhoomi - Jharkhand Land Records ( Apna Khata, Khesra) details online

Jharkhand State Government has introduced  jharbhoomi Portal for People can check Land Records ( Apna Khata, Khesra )  अपना खाता देखें , अपना खाता देखें , Register-II  (खाता एवं रजिस्टर-II देखें ) details,  Online application for Mutation,  e-Mutation Status, online lagan payments through online. Department of Revenue and Land Reforms of Jharkhand has developed the MIS portal http://jharbhoomi.nic.in in association with National Informatics Center (NIC) to digitize land records system in Jharkhand. One of the major objectives of this website is to provide Jharkhand Land Record (Khesra, Apna Khata) details online to the citizen. People can using this land records for checking Mutation status, To raise farm credit / loan from the Bank, For Bank account opening, To verify land title during sale of land and registration of property, Legal purposes. and more.


Jharkhand Land Records

It is very difficult for a common man to understand their own records of rights. Corruption and lack of transparency are other issues associated with Land Records in India. Government of India realized these problems and started National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP) with the aim to standardize and computerize all land records in India in a phased manner. Under NLRMP all land records and related services are being made online. Few states have already computerized their land records while some are in the process.

How to check Jharkhand Apna Khata Land Record online ?

  • Just logon to Jharkhand Land Records official website http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/ 
  • Click on “अपना खाता देखें” ( Check your Account ) to obtain Land Records ( Khata Details )
  • Select the District, where the land is located from the map ( Land Records are available only for locations marked with Blue dot.)
  • Than Select Anchal (अंचल)/ Tehsil
  • Select Halka (हल्का), Type of Land (किस्म ज़मीन) from dropdown.
  • Select Mouza (मौजा)/ Village.
  • Search by Khata No. (खाता संख्या) or by Holder’s Name (खाताधारी का नाम) or select from all khatas. Then click on “खाता खोजें”.
  • Click on “देखें” to generate Record
  • Finally Get your Jharkhand Land Records Details online.

How to Check Register -II ( रजिस्टर-II देखें ) online ?

  • Click on "रजिस्टर-II देखें" option,
  • Than Select your District & Block  in the map,
  • Select  हल्का नाम ) light name,
  • Select ( मैजा नाम ) Maja name,
  • Now you can choose option for check register -II through  भाग बर्तमान , पृष्ट संख्या बर्तमान , रैयत नाम से खोजे,     प्लाट नंबर से खोजे,     खाता नंबर से खोजे , समस्त पंजी-२ को नाम के अनुसार देखें
  • Than click on "Search" Button,
  • Finally Register-II details will be displayed,
  • You can also take print out for future reference.

How to check Register- II Khesra war details online ?

Click on "  पंजी -II - खेसरा वार विवरण" option,
Than Select  जिला , अचंल नाम, हल्का नाम, मैजा नाम, खाता नंबर,  खेसरा संख्या
Click on " रजिस्टर-II " option
Finally Khesra details will be displayed

Online Lagan 
Land owners can pay their lagan online, Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms Department has started the ‘Online Lagan’ facility on  jharbhoomi Portal. which can be used to pay lagan through internet banking and generate a receipt against the said payment.

JharBhoomi Android Mobile app ( Vasudha.apk )

Jharkhand Government also designed Mobile app ( Vasudha apk ) for People can check Jharkhand State Land Records through mobile phone.it has many features like as View your Register-II Details, View your Khata & Khesra Details, View your Online Mutation Application Status, Online application, Application Status, Property Register and more

Click here for Download Jharbhoomi Android Mobile App   

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