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MPBhuabhilekh-MP Bhu-Naksha (भू-नक्शा) - Land Records Madhya Pradesh

MPBhuabhilekh-MP Bhu-Naksha (भू-नक्शा) - Land Records Madhya Pradesh
BhuAbhilekh is an application software for Bhu-Naksha (भू-नक्शा) or Map Tarmeen and Naksha printout. Land owners can check their property details like as Plot information with plot number, they can search property location through using Bhuabhilekh application Software.The entire land records of 51 districts (55 thousands villages) spatial & non spatial data has been made available in this software. It is designed and developed for the Office of the Commissioner, Land Records & Settlement, Department of Revenue and Government of Madhya Pradesh, to facilitate efficient and effective governance within the domain of Land this Software Thirty Nine Million Khasra (Plot/Survey) records, comprising of Thirteen Million landowners have been computerized.

BhuAbhilekh Mobile app

BhuAbhilekh Mobile app has been made available on Google Play Store,MP Government Mobile App Store and e-Gov Mobile app. This application is useful for display of Khasra/ Khatauni/ Naksha on Smart devices. Apart from this, other information such as departmental orders, Gradation List, Exam Results are also available.

Features & Benefit of Bhuabhilekh

  • Printouts of ROR/B-1/Naksha,
  • Data availability report,
  • Data backup and restoration facility,
  • Panch-Sala Khasra,
  • Mutation, Data freezing after agriculture year-end,
  • Supports biometric authentication,
  • Patwari-Halkawise rights to data entry operator for data entry/ modification,
  • District/ Tehsil/ RI /Halka/ Village & year wise backup facility,
  • Faster crop modification based on selection of crop & group of khasras.
  • Single click facility for collection of tax and arrears for a village & group of khasras with same Bank Challan.
  • Incremental backup & restore facility. Facility to print Khasra/ Khatauni of diverted land & individual liability.

How to Search Property details ( Plot info ) in BhuAbhilekh ?


  • People first Visit
  • Than Select your District Name in Map info,
  • Select your Tehsil, RI, Halka and Villaage in the Map info,
  • Enter your Plot Number in the Plot info option
  • Finally Your Property details will be Displayed.

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